What makes our Standard Intranet Perfect for Small Business?

Confusion about where to locate the most updated information, policies, customer information, sales decks, legal requirements, industry guidelines, announcements isn’t just limited to larger companies.  Small Businesses need access to information even quicker than their larger competitors and this new era of digital work spaces and Intranets gives them the power to drive collaboration, internal communications, sales, HR processes and much more.  All so your employees can deliver the experiences your customers want.

Our version of an “Intranet-In-A-Box”  provides a powerful tool without the customization and consulting traditionally needed for SharePoint. It’s a complete Small Business Intranet with no additional monthly fees built on your existing Office 365 subscription.


Our Standard SharePoint Intranet includes:

Home Page + 4 Pre-Built Subsites

Your existing color logo + 6 color options

Standard SharePoint Intranet is a perfect fit for:

Offices with multiple locations

Coordinating with a workforce remotely or from the road

Hiring and training many new employees

High employee turnover

Mergers and acquisitions

Improving poor internal communication

Clogged email inboxes

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