SharePoint Intranet: The Fastest Track to Company Communication and Success

A company’s intranet serves as a kind of meeting room and planning seminar that everyone in the company visits and attends throughout their workdays. Everyone in your company can sign in to and find news, announcements, scheduled tasks, and access to a variety of information. Dashboards can be customized by department and role, and different levels of access can be granted to make sure everyone from interns to CEOs can get the information they need about everything – from employee performance, to client history, even to the status of ongoing projects. SharePoint also provides tools for setting up employee social networking platforms and company wikis.

Standard Intranet

5-100 employees

Our entry-level SharePoint Intranet package is designed with new and small businesses in mind. Increase efficiency and productivity for each employee.

Advanced Intranet Package

100 – 200 employees

Our advanced SharePoint Intranet package allows mid-sized companies a little more space to expand and communicate with their employees. Maximize business insight and provide up-to-date information to employees and increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Custom Intranet Package

200+ employees

Our custom Intranet package allows larger enterprises a reliable platform to communicate the most up-to-date information with employees, allows for reliable business insights, and updated customer information, with the additional upgrades of complete customization of all dashboards, apps, and design, to better represent your business and its needs.