The premier SharePoint Online/Office 365 Consultants in Seattle.

We design, build and implement complete solutions such as Custom SharePoint Solutions, Custom Intranets, Document Management Systems, and much more.  Our advanced solutions, systems and processes insure complete effective communication and collaboration across your organization.

Branding, Adoption and User Experience

Our experienced SharePoint Design team can facilitate the branding and design of your SharePoint Online Intranet, Portals and Document Management Systems

Our Services Include:

  • Development of Custom Themes, Layouts and Web Parts
  • Custom SharePoint User Interfaces
  • Making sure your SharePoint strategy matches your branding strategy
  • Graphics Services

Why should you brand your SharePoint site?

  • Increased Employee Adoption
  • Better Communication and Collaboration
  • Better employee retention ratio
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Stay consistent with your corporate branding

Intranets and ExtraNets


We create SharePoint portals to help you streamline all of your business practices. You can use portals to:

  • Visit other team sites to locate contact or project information
  • Review sales data in customized dashboards
  • Query business data stored in line-of-business applications
  • Bypass the hassle of expense reports or requisition approval with the help of automated workflows
  • Customize your portal so only people who are members of a particular group or audience can access the content

Application/Dashboard Development



Our Application developers bring the experience and expertise needed to build and deploy scalable Intranet, Extranet or Web portal solutions, and the application integration skills required to extend these systems to include access into the other core business systems.

  • Document Management Systems
  • Custom SharePoint APP development
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Cloud Service Data Integration with SharePoint Online
  • On Premises Data Integration with SharePoint Online


SharePoint Consulting


As leading SharePoint Consultants in Seattle we can help you get more from SharePoint – to address users’ specific day-to-day business needs and maximize your organization’s SharePoint investment.

Looking at SharePoint as a Solution?

We can provide your business with a Road Map to identify where SharePoint will be most effective in your Organization.

Have SharePoint but not using it to it’s full capabilities?

Our Experts can work with your organization to understand your business and show you how SharePoint can address your every day problems.

Need to connect SharePoint to your Line of Business Applications?

We can connect your LOB applications to enable you to surface data into SharePoint and provide dashboards to see data across many applications

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