Microsoft just dropped its latest update to SharePoint Online and it has us all breaking out into a happy dance. The company just announced that it is integrating Power BI with SharePoint. If you are anything like us, SharePoint is a central component in your day to day work. Now that Power BI is in SharePoint, gathering and uploading data is more efficient than ever. This new integration eliminates the need to code in dashboards from Power BI. Instead the dashboards can be uploaded to the necessary SharePoint page directly, allowing more visibility within and between departments. Now, not only do you have a more effective way of sharing data, but employees can make better decisions and make them faster than ever before!



         For newer users, the main purpose of Power BI is to bring all your data together. This way employees can pull from it or even transform and shape it in a way that meets your company’s needs. The best part is it does not matter where the data is pulled from, (ie. MailChimp, Adobe Analytics, Salesforce) Power BI allows users to connect and pull from hundreds of data sources. Check out how Power BI can better improve your data organization here.

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