There’s no topping this. You probably know if you have Office 365 software. You also know that you have SharePoint Online. What you don’t know is you can utilize SharePoint Online to develop an effective company intranet, with the help of SharePoint consultants (like us). This is the case with many companies; they have capabilities that they aren’t taking advantage of. So why aren’t you taking a piece of the SharePoint pie?

Intranets are used in many different types of organizations. It acts as the center hub for employees to find company news and data, plus an easy way to communicate between employees and find the most current department content. It is a personalized experience for every user in your company; allowing them to put their priorities and tasks forward facing to make it even easier to find the information and contacts they need. The best part? It creates even more efficiency and transparency in your company. Employees become more productive because they know exactly what they are looking for and where to find it; reducing slack time. With the help of SharePoint consultants, it is even easier and affordable for companies to make their intranet completely unique to them; all the way from their company branding to the layout of the intranet itself.

A SharePoint Intranet can benefit companies of all sizes. Traditionally, only larger corporations reaped the benefits of SharePoint intranets. However, in the last few years Microsoft has introduced new features improving SharePoint’s capabilities for small businesses.  Small businesses can now take advantage of SharePoint to enhance collaboration and efficiency in the workplace. They also leave room for growth and innovation. As more and more people work remotely, companies are finding it difficult to keep the same communication between employees as they did when everyone used their company office as a home-base and not their kitchen tables. This is a prime reason why our clients are rushing to implement SharePoint’s Intranet capabilities and are reaping the benefits.

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